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Pearl & Bead Restringing

Do you have pearl or beaded jewelry that isn’t quite your style? Want to strengthen your old or damaged strands? By restringing your pearls or beads at Gary B. Robinson Jewelers, you can transform that worn or outdated piece into the showstopper you’ve always dreamt of. Not sure exactly how you want your pearls or beads to look? Consider replacing a plain clasp with a gold or diamond clasp during the restringing process, or converting a long strand into a shorter style with a matching bracelet. You can bring us a picture of how you'd like your pearls or beads to look or you can turn to our experts for inspiration & suggestions about the latest trends and styles. With the help of our experts, virtually anything is possible.



The Importance of Restringing Pearls & Beads

If you’re looking to restyle an outdated pearl or bead bracelet or necklace, or to tighten an older strand, you already know that you’ll need them restrung. But did you know that restringing is necessary not just to revamp the look of your pearl or bead strands, but to preserve their quality and beauty for years to come?

Quality pearls are strung on thin silk strands which can weaken, stretch, or discolor over time. Consequently, anyone who wears her pearl strands regularly should have them restrung once a year in order to make sure that the strand doesn’t rip and that the pearls aren’t inadvertently scratched or damaged. Those who wear their pearls occasionally should make sure to restring their strands every 2-3 years. Beaded jewelry is often similarly strung & in need of occasional restringing depending on wear & tear.



Whether you’re looking to preserve the style that you’ve always loved or to turn your existing strands into an entirely new design, Gary B. Robinson Jewelers can turn your vision into reality.

  • Transform your old pearls or beaded jewelry
  • Hand strung with knots or without
  • Add a new clasp
  • Add style with gold, silver, or diamond spacers or beads
  • Installation of mystery pearls


Pearl Maintenance Tips

  • Separate storage – Store your pearls separately in a cloth bag to help prevent them from being scratched by other jewelry
  • Makeup first – Apply makeup, perfume, & hairspray before wearing your pearls. This minimizes their exposure to chemicals & residue
  • Wipe clean – Wipe down your pearls after wearing them with a soft, clean cloth to remove any dirt or perspiration
  • Restring frequently – Restring your pearl jewelry every 1 to 3 years, depending on how often you wear them
  • Avoid water – Water can weaken & stretch your silk thread. If your pearls get wet, wipe them with a clean cloth & lay them flat to dry
  • Avoid detergents – Like other chemicals, harsh soaps & detergents can cause excessive drying & cracking of pearls
  • Avoid heat – Hot temperatures can lead to pearls drying out & cracking. Do not store your pearls in hot areas
  • Flat storage – Storing pearls in a hanging position can stretch the silk thread much faster. Always store your pearls on a flat surface


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does pearl or bead restringing cost? The restringing price varies depending on several factors. The length of the necklace, the number of pearls or beads, whether or not knots are required, & the complexity of the restringing will determine the price. A basic pearl necklace restringing with knots costs $50-75. Parts like additional pearls, new clasps, or spacer beads are priced separately.
  • What is the process for restringing pearls? The original strand is disassembled & all the parts are cleaned & polished. The pearls are then individually restrung by hand on new silk or thread & checked on a neck form to ensure they will sit perfectly around your neck. Finally, they are cleaned one last time with a pearl cloth before being returned to you.
  • Why shouldn't I restring pearls myself? Pearl restringing is not an easy task, and should be done by a professional jeweler for valuable pearls. The restringing process takes an expert several hours to complete. If not completed correctly, you risk damaging your pearls and altering their original setting. Any set of pearls that hold value to you, should be restrung by a professional to ensure they maintain their appearance.
  • How long does the restringing process take? A typical restringing job takes approximately 1 week, although more time may be required for more complicated jobs or to acquire additional parts. If you need your pearls in a hurry, ask about expedited services!
  • How do I know if its time to restring my pearls? It is important to look at the silk thread rather than the pearls themselves. If your knots are dirty, worn out, broken, frayed or stretched, it is time to restring them. If you're unsure as to whether or not your pearls need restringing, please bring them in to us for our professional opinion. We are a family owned jewelry store and greatly value our reputation. We will never tell you to re-string your pearls if the service is not needed.
  • Do you offer pearl clasps? Yes, we have a wide variety available to order in gold, platinum, or sterling silver. We also offer high end pearl clasps with diamonds and other precious stones.
  • Do you offer unknotted stringing? Yes, unknotted stringing is available. It is less expensive & typically only used for beaded or costume jewelry.