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Welcome to Gary B Robinson Jewelers!

Welcome to Gary B. Robinson Jewelers where I started in the jewelry business 45 years ago while still in high school. Back then, I hadn't a clue what was ahead for me but I knew I loved making things by hand. My first business was “Choctaw Leather Company” making leather belts, braided wrist bands, and purses to sell with friends as employees. A customer asked why I didn't add buckles to my belts and so I began my jewelry career adoring my wears with silver, turquoise, and coral.

I was influenced by many mentors and styles along the way, playing drums in several bands on the long road but I always was drawn back by my fascination of jewelry design. I formed my first jewelry company and did mostly trade work for other stores. I grew my skills and finally opened Gary B Robinson Jewelers Inc in 1984. The first days of business I remember customers coming in and asking “ is this all you have”? They were so great and allowed me to sketch what I could make for them and they trusted the jewelry design process. Over the years, the store outgrew it's space and in 1999 we moved to our current location.

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